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Clean Sample Prep

ICP Sample Intro


DST Return on Investment  C-Flow s-Type PFA Nebulizers - Performance Design of Purillex PFA & FEP Bottles
   DST Performance  C-Flow S-Type PFA Nebulizer Range PFA Labware Cleaning Procedures
 DST-4000 High Purity Acid

C-Flow 400d PFA Nebulizer

Purillex PFA & FEP Extractables Testing
 Hotplate Design Features

 C-Flow 400e PFA Nebulizer

 Purillex Trace Metals
  Performance of the VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System

C-Flow 700d PFA Nebulizer

 50 mL Dropper Bottles Features

Cyclonic Element2



Cyclonic Performance

Benefits of Fluoropolymers for Bioprocessing

 PFA Inert Kit Compatible With Agilent ICP-MS

 Design of Purillex PFA & FEP Bottles

PFA Inert Kit for Element2 

  Flash Freezing in Fluoropolymer Bottles

PFA Inert Kit for PE NexION

 Purillex Bioprocess PFA & FEP Bottles
   Cyclonic Spray Chamber Surface Treatment - Lifetime Purillex PFA & FEP Extractables Testing
    Purillex Trace Metals
     Freeze Drop Testing of Bulk Drug Substance Bottles
     Freeze Mapping - Savillex Fluoropolymer Bottles
     Freeze Cycle Testing
    CO2 Transmission Into BDS Containers
    CCIT Validation
    Fluoropolymer Bottle Extractables Profile


Clean Sample Prep

ICP Sample Intro


DST-1000 Acid Purification

PFA Cyclonic Spray Chamber

Purillex PFA & FEP Bottles

 DST-4000 Acid Purification  


Vial Cleaning System     Purillex Bottles for Bioprocessing
Vial Rack System    Stability Vials for Bioprocessing
HPX Series Inert Hotplates    
50 mL Block Digestion Tube    
VC Ultra Datasheet  VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System    


Clean Sample Prep

ICP Sample Intro


Acid Purification DST FAQ

Agilent Compatible ICP-MS Guide

 Chemical Compatibility Guide

DST ROI Calculator  C-Flow Operating Instructions   Trace Metals – Executive Summary 
 Digestion Vessels  Nebulizer Selection Guide


  Clean Sample Prep Brochure

Nebulizer Selection Flow Chart

   Integration Services

Terms & Conditions

Autosampler Vial Guide  Custom Services

 Terms & Conditions

   Tool Transfer Process
     Custom Services Brochure


Clean Sample Prep


DST Upgrade Kit Instructions

 DST 1000 Acid Purification System

  DST 4000 Acid Purification System

Vial Cleaning System

 Vial Rack System   HPX Series Inert Hotplate

 VC Ultra Acid Vapor Cleaning System



Custom Services

High Voume Production              


  Tool Transfer                            Transitioning from PTFE to PFA
 Low Entry Cost for Significant Savings        Fluoropolymers in Aerospace


Lowering the Cost of Fluoropolymer Components in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Medical Industry Success Story    


Corporate Capabilities   

VC Ultra  


DST-4000 Animation                                                                    Savillex DST Acid Purification Overview


DST-1000 Upgrade Kit                                                                 Savillex Vial Cleaning System


Savillex HPX Series Inert Hotplates


Build Your Own, Multi-Stage Filter Holder                                 Build Your Own, Single Stage Filter Holder  


 Groove Tool Instructions                


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