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What fluoropolymers can you mold?


We can injection mold in PFA, FEP, ETFE, PDVF, ECTFE and PCTFE. We can stretch blow mold in PFA, FEP or ETFE. We can also injection mold other polymers. Note that our PFA is intrinsically a self extinguishing plastic (rated UL 94 V-0).

Do you machine parts from PTFE?


No – we only work with thermoplastics (i.e. polymers that can be melt processed).

What size of part can you mold?


We mold custom parts from as small as a few grams up to 2 kg.

What CAD file types or image file types can you accept with a quotation request? 


Savillex uses Solid Works however, we accept .pdf, .igs, .step, sldprt, .slddrw

Do you only offer injection molding?


No – in addition to plastic injection molding, we can also stretch blow mold custom products. Our Purillex bottles are manufactured using a stretch blow molding technique we developed for fluoropolymers.

What is the minimum production run for a plastic injection molded custom product?


That depends on the complexity and value of the part.

Do I have to pay for the tool up front?


Normally yes, but in some cases the cost of the tool can be amortized over the first runs of a part. In this case Savillex would require a blanket purchase order.

Do you charge for design or consulting?


No – all consulting and design is included in the price of the tool.

Who owns the tool?


Although the tool is kept at Savillex and maintained by Savillex, the customer owns the tool, and is free to take physical possession of it at any time.

What’s the service life of the tool?


Typically, a tool lifetime will be over 500,000 cycles.

Who pays for maintenance of the tool?


Preventative maintenance and normal wear and tear maintenance is performed by Savillex at no cost through the life of the tool.

Do you accept tool transfers? 

  Yes, though there is an acceptance process in order to be sure the tool will work with our equipment.



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