Inert Kits


Inert sample introduction kits for ICP-MS are used whenever HF containing samples are to be analyzed. Savillex worked closely with leading ICP-MS manufacturers to design a Scott-type inert sample introduction kit with true double–pass design for superior RSDs. Savillex inert kits are available for all Agilent ICP-MS, PE NexION 300 Series ICP-MS and Thermo sector type ICP-MS, and come with sapphire or platinum torch injectors. Inert kits for Agilent ICP-MS are supplied with a genuine Agilent quartz torch and are supplied as original equipment with the 7700, 7800, 7900 and 8800 Series. These kits are the highest performing inert kits available for ICP-MS, and used by all leading semiconductor labs around the world. Add a Savillex C-Flow nebulizer to make a complete inert sample introduction system.

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