PFA Nebulizers


C-Flow nebulizers offer superior sensitivity and tolerance to dissolved solids compared to other PFA concentrics. The C-Flow’s unique, two-piece design, is made possible by Savillex’s expertise in fluoropolymer injection molding, and allows for more precise manufacture, resulting in the tightest uptake rate specifications. Available with integrated or demountable uptake line versions, there is a C-Flow to suit virtually every application of ICP-OES and ICP-MS. Desolvator versions, assembled at 110o C specifically for use with desolvators, are also available.


The X-Flow PFA nebulizer is designed for use with Scott-type spray chambers and can handle the highest levels (>25%) of dissolved solids. The X-Flow is widely used for clinical applications of ICP-MS where its extreme ruggedness gives excellent long term stability with whole blood samples.

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