Cyclonic Spray Chambers


The Savillex PFA cyclonic spray chamber (CSC) for ICP-OES and ICP-MS is molded from high purity virgin PFA using Savillex’s unique stretch blow molding technology. Stretch blow molding allows the Savillex CSC to be molded in an optimum cyclonic shape similar to a traditional glass or quartz cyclonic. A deep spoiler is molded into the side wall, which improves signal stability and prevents re-nebulization. Stretch blow molding also produces a smooth surface finish for improved draining, and its translucent walls allow the user to see inside the chamber. The CSC is designed for use with the Savillex C-Flow nebulizer but accepts any 6 mm OD nebulizer. The Savillex CSC has excellent stability and sensitivity, and is available with an optional surface treatment, further enhancing sensitivity.

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