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Purillex PFA Jars

Savillex offers a range of jars to support a wide variety of applications from bioprocessing to tissue handling and storage.  These molded PurillexTM PFA jars are widely used for the secure collection, storage, archival or disposition of a wide variety of materials.  The seamless design, radiused interior, and wide-mouth opening allow for the easy transfer and removal of entire contents from any non-sterile or sterile jar. 

Produced using the exact same resin manufacturer and resin grades as our Purillex® bottles, our Purillex jars also come with full manufacturing lot certification.  Purillex jars are ideal for applications that require cleanliness and chemical stability, making them the ideal laboratory jar for a variety of applications and workflows.


All sizes of Purillex PFA jar are now available sterilized and pre-packaged. Please contact Savillex for more information.

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