C50 Nebulizer for CETAC Aridus II



Part Weight (lbs):


  • Microconcentric PFA nebulizer with constant diameter uptake line/capillary
  • High sensitivity, high efficiency
  • Robust - can be backflushed; no cleaning tools needed
  • 6 mm OD body with 4 mm gas port
  • Free aspirates at 50 µl/min +/-10 µl/min
  • Assembled and tested at 110 deg.C specifically for use with desolvators
  • Integrated 75 cm uptake line with encapsulated carbon probe for the CETAC ASX 110/112 autosamplers. Probe OD is 3.2 mm and fits both the old type and new type (from February 2015) ASX110/112 arms
  • Note: Can also be used with other desolvators such as the Nu Instruments DSN-100 or ESI Apex. If a longer uptake line is required please contact us. ESI SC autosampler arms accept only a 2.9 mm OD probe. Please contact us if you need this probe OD.


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4 mm PTFE Tubing


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