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Savillex’s lab bottles are the cleanest, safest, and most advanced range of fluoropolymer bottles ever produced. They are manufactured by a unique stretch blow molding process, with an injection molded thread and lip giving a superior seal and safe, drip-free pouring. Molded from the highest purity virgin resin in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom, guaranteeing the lowest trace metal background. Available in sizes from 50 mL to 2000 mL, Savillex lab bottles are used as high-purity acid packaging and in many trace metals labs around the world. Wash bottles and dropper bottles are also available.

In addition to the lab bottles, Savillex offers the Purillex® bottle line designed specifically for the Life Sciences industry for the storage and shipment of bulk drugs. Purillex bottles come with manufacturing lot certification and are available non-sterilized or sterilized.



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  • GL45 PFA Transfer Closure with (2) 1/4" Ports, One Top and One Side

    $91.74 / EA

  • GL45 PFA Transfer Closure with (2) 1/4" Ports, One Top and One Side, with Vent Nut

    $99.16 / EA

  • GL45 PFA Septa Closure

    $100.97 / EA

  • 500 mL PFA Wash Bottle

    $230.55 / EA

  • 50 mL PFA Dropper Bottle

    $124.02 / EA

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  • Total: 17