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Savillex is a world leader in custom engineered fluoropolymer products. With over 40 years experience in molding fluoropolymers, our experience and commitment to quality is unsurpassed. Our custom engineered products are used all over the world, in a very diverse range of applications - from supporting fuel lines in passenger aircraft to reducing ear infections in children.

We handle the entire process from quotation request through to production of the finished product. Our tooling is designed and manufactured in house, enabling us to work very quickly and with flexibility to meet your needs. We consult with our customers at every stage in the process, from resin grade recommendation through to tool design, to ensure that the final product precisely meets the customer's needs.

Employing both injection molding and our unique stretch blow molding technology, plus an extensive array of secondary operations including fluoropolymer welding and laser marking, we offer an unmatched range of capabilities in custom molded fluoropolymer products. Many companies have found that injection molded PFA custom products from Savillex offer many benefits over traditional machined PTFE. Visit our blog to find out how switching to molded PFA can reduce costs, improve function, and reduce trace metals contamination, or submit a quotation request form for immediate review and response.


As a global leader in the supply and support of fluoropolymer injection molding and blow molding solutions, we have developed a wide range of capabilities including:

  • Design engineering support
  • Injection molded parts from a few grams to over 2,000 grams
  • Molded part design up to 12” long and 20” diameter
  • Proprietary fluoropolymer stretch blow molding technology. Bottle sizes up to two liters.
  • In-house tooling
    • Tool design
    • Fabrication
    • Ability to make changes and modifications quickly
    • Single cavity, multi cavity and family tools
  • Tool transfers
  • Tooling maintenance
  • Unscrewing molds
  • Insert and over molding capabilities
  • Assembly and post-cleaning
  • ISO class 7 cleanroom manufacturing
  • Testing and qualification
  • Secondary operations
  • Machining
  • Automated work cell capabilities


For very low part runs or for prototyping, machining a part from PTFE, TFM or even PFA rod stock is convenient and initial costs are relatively low. However, many companies that use machined parts, particularly from PTFE or TFM, are not aware the benefits of switching to injection molded PFA, despite the higher initial tooling cost:

  • Much lower cost per part
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • High purity PFA resin has lower trace metal content than PTFE or TFM
  • Lower trace metals contamination during manufacture
  • Very intricate features can be molded
  • Logos/markings can easily be molded into parts
  • PFA is translucent, unlike PTFE or TFM
  • Significantly less “creep” with PFA compared to PTFE or TFM

Visit our blog to learn how switching to injection molded PFA parts can reduce costs. 

Fusion Welding

Savillex has developed proprietary, non-contact fusion welding equipment with techniques that give us the capability of fabricating high purity custom fluoropolymer assemblies. Valves, fittings, and pipes are examples of the types of fluoropolymer parts that Savillex fusion welds into assemblies.

As a supplier to semiconductor, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and medical industries, Savillex has the capability to weld parts as diminutive as Ø .094” and as substantial as Ø 8.0”. And unlike other welding techniques, non-contact welding introduces zero contamination since no welding rod is used. The PFA components are simply fused together. If required, Savillex can supply assemblies that have been autoclave sterilized and packaged in a Class 7 cleanroom.

We make the process easy. We will work with you to gather all the necessary requirements, engineer a design to fit your specific needs and provide you with a quote. Once approved, we move forward quickly to fabricate your assemblies and get them to you.

Contact us today to discuss your project.


Savillex utilizes the most current injection molding simulation tools available.  These tools allow us to accurately optimize design features to prevent costly tooling rework, identify potential processing problems and accurately estimate cycle times.  Eliminating the chance of surface defect formations, short shots, and sink marks are just a few defects that can be prevented during the design phase. The video below illustrates how we use molding simulation software to design the molding tool for highest performance. The colors represent the temperature of the molten fluoropolymer as it fills the tool cavity. In this case the part is one piece of a pair of PFA tongs.


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Customer Specific Solutions


Learn more about how our injection molded, customer specific solutions have helped companies reduce costs, improve function and reduce trace metals contamination. 


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