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Life Sciences

Purillex® Products

Savillex Purillex® containers, including bottles, vials, jars, and labware, are the only fluoropolymer containers specifically designed for life science applications and are used for critical product storage and emerging cell therapy and regenerative medicine applications. Produced in ISO Class 7 cleanrooms to ensure cleanliness, Purillex containers are manufactured by injection and stretch blow molding, which produces high integrity seals, even under flash freeze conditions. Available in PFA, FEP, and ETFE, Class VI with full USP testing and documentation, all Purillex containers can be supplied sterilized, ready-to-use.

Purillex vials were originally developed for stability testing and sample lot archiving in life sciences applications. And because they are molded from the same grades of fluoropolymer resin used to manufacture Purillex bottles, they facilitate regulatory filing. Available in a range of sizes, both sterile (autoclaved) and non-sterile, they are also ideal for use in cryogenic applications such as cell banking.

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Integration Services 

Savillex offers a full range of integration services, including custom assembly and sterilization of single-use assemblies for upstream and downstream life sciences applications. Custom assemblies featuring Savillex containers and bottles, or bags from any other manufacturer, can be specified, along with tubing, filters, and connectors in custom-designed manifolds.

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Custom Services

Injection Molding

Few companies in the world have the know-how to injection mold fluoropolymers. High melt temperatures and corrosive gases generated during molding make fluoropolymers extremely challenging to mold. From resin selection and tool design to processing know how and manufacturing environment, Savillex understands fluoropolymer injection molding. We apply that know-how to every project, working with our customers to develop custom injection molded parts from PFA, FEP, ETFE, PVDF and more, no matter how challenging the application.

Stretch Blow Molding 

Stretch blow molding (SBM) is used to produce containers from thermoplastics like PET. It has several advantages over traditional extrusion blow molding, such as superior sealing and cleanliness. However, commercially available SBM machines are unable to process fluoropolymers so Savillex designed and manufactured its own SBM machines and is the only company in the world to stretch blow mold fluoropolymers. Savillex offers SBM custom fluoropolymer containers in sizes up to 2 L.

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Lab | Analytical

Lab | Analytical

For over 40 years, Savillex has molded fluoropolymer products to meet the most demanding applications across the widest range of industries. Our lab and analytical products are used in sample collection and archiving, sample preparation, and in sample introduction. Wherever an application requires extremes of corrosion resistance, temperature, or freedom from metal contamination, Savillex products can be found.

Sample Collection  Clean Sample Prep  ICP Sample Intro  Laboratory LAB BOTTLES Filtration

Savillex is proud to announce we have been awarded ISO 9001 certification through our certifying body, Dekra. ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard that ensures we meet the needs of our interested parties through an effective Quality Management System (QMS).

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PurillexTM Jars

Produced using the exact same resin manufacturer and resin grades as our Purillex bottles, our Purillex jars also come with full manufacturing lot certification.  Purillex jars are ideal for applications that require cleanliness and chemical stability.

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Made and shipped from Eden Prairie, MN USA with minimal lead times.

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