C50 Nebulizer for Desolvators with ESI SC-2 Autosampler (95 cm)



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  • Microconcentric PFA nebulizer with constant diameter uptake line/capillary
  • High sensitivity, high efficiency
  • Robust - can be backflushed; no cleaning tools needed
  • 6 mm OD body with 4 mm gas port
  • Free aspirates at 50 µL/min +/-10 µL/min
  • Assembled and tested at 110oC specifically for use with desolvators (CETAC Aridus, ESI Apex or Nu Instruments DSN-100)
    • Note: Not for use with normal sample introduction system
  • Integrated 95 cm uptake line with encapsulated carbon probe
  • Probe is 2.9 mm OD, 19.7 cm long, including encapsulation
  • Fits ESI SC-2 (and SC-4, SC-8, SC-14, but confirm uptake line is long enough for larger format autosamplers)
  • Gas line connection kit included



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  • Total: 2