Savillex Blog

Leadership Team

Steve Harding, President

Steve and the management team set the overall strategic objectives for Savillex and deploy company resources to ensure goals are achieved.  


At Savillex, we know that strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and team members are the keys to our success.

Norm Roth, Executive Vice President 

Norm is Executive Vice President and is responsible for start to finish quality of products and services. From the time an inquiry is made, until the product leaves the dock, Norm and his team makes sure Savillex customers receive the best quality products and exceptional service.    


Don Potter, Executive Adviser

Don has overall responsibility for business development, sales and marketing at Savillex. He is also responsible for seeking new opportunities for growth through strategic partnerships or investments.


  Savillex's greatest strength is its employees. They drive excellence and quality in everything we do.

Barry Rauworth, Director of Engineering 

As Director of Engineering, Barry leads the engineering group at Savillex and takes great pride in developing innovative, high performance products for its customers around the world.  Exceeding customer expectations is the number one goal of the Engineering group. 


David McKeown, Director of Manufacturing

David has many roles at Savillex. He manages the purchasing of raw materials and oversees production, which includes lot control, production scheduling, 2nd operations, product traceability and cleanroom management.  David's initiative to action and problem solving allows the manufacturing team to work efficiently and effectively.


The Operations team at Savillex is committed to providing world class product quality, service, and delivery to our customers.