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Purillex Vials

Purillex™ Vials

Savillex offers a range of Purillex™ vials in support of biopharmaceutical process validation through stability testing programs. Produced using the exact same resin manufacturer and resin grade as our Purillex® Life Science bottles to support regulatory filing, Savillex Purillex vials also come with full manufacturing lot certification.  Savillex Purillex vials are also the industry standard for extractables and leachables testing and other applications that require cleanliness and chemical stability.

Now Available Ready-To-Use (RTU)

Savillex Purillex vials are now available sterilized (autoclaved for PFA, and gamma irradiated for ETFE) and pre-packaged for RTU.  Please contact Savillex for more information.


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