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Purillex Labware

Purillex™ Labware

Savillex offers PFA fluoropolymer labware for Life Science applications that require cleanliness, purity, and chemical stability.  A perfect companion to our Purillex bottles, vials, and jars, our labware is clean manufactured, USP Class VI and TSE/BSE-free with full manufacturing lot certification. 

Purillex fluoropolymer labware is compatible with all lab chemicals, including strong acids, bases and solvents.  They also have a very wide temperature range and can be frozen down to liquid nitrogen temperatures.  Purillex labware is made from high purity resin with extremely low leachables and extractables.

Purillex™ Cryovials

Savillex PFA Purillex cryovials are chemically inert, non-leaching, and non-reactive to sensitive samples.  A smooth, non-binding interior surface provides high yields and can increase sample recovery by more than 20% for low concentration samples.

Purillex™ Beakers

Our Purillex beakers are molded from 100% PFA. Tough and nearly transparent with a flat bottom for direct use on a heating surface. Pour accurately and steadily with the help of a flared spout.

Purillex™ Microcentrifuge Vials

Savillex molded PFA Purillex microcentrifuge vials are compatible with standard benchtop microcentrifuge units, and are chemically inert, non-leaching, and nonreactive to sensitive cultures.  A smooth, non-binding interior surface provides high yields and excellent recovery of contents.




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