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Savillex offers a full range of integration services, including custom assembly and gamma irradiation of single-use assemblies for upstream and downstream life sciences applications. Featuring a state-of-the-art ISO Class 7 Cleanroom, our agility and attention to the smallest details enable us to manufacture, procure, assemble, package, and gamma irradiate a broad range of highly customized products tailored to meet your unique needs.

Each system is custom-designed and hand-assembled to ensure the highest levels of quality. Savillex assembles systems for all areas of bioprocess manufacturing and has a special focus on systems for highly demanding downstream product storage and transfer operations.

We are not just another supplier. Relationships matter a great deal to us. Our team often becomes an extension of our customers’ teams, helping to solve even the most challenging problems. In addition, our long-standing reputation for high quality and consistent performance gives customers peace of mind knowing our people, products, and ideas can be counted on when and where they are needed. 

From our industry leading Purillex® fluoropolymer products, to our clean manufacturing facility, you can be assured that we will deliver what we promise.

Full Customization

The facility employs an open architecture model, enabling the capability to perform high levels of single-use customization using components from almost any supplier and custom parts manufactured in-house. Savillex design engineers can even customize containers - from the addition of ports and dip tubes to the modification of overall container dimensions for specific applications. Savillex’s manufacturing capabilities also include injection molding, machining, over-molding, fusion welding, and in-house tool design and fabrication with expertise in a wide range of plastics, including fluoropolymers and other challenging materials.

Process Modeling Capabilities

A fully-featured applications laboratory allows for testing new single-use products and process modeling for custom assemblies. Short run prototypes are built and tested in a wide variety of chemical and environmental exposures. In addition, the lab is capable of modeling extremely challenging processes for single-use systems such as dry heat sterilization up to 250 °C and flash freezing down to liquid nitrogen temperatures (-196 °C).

Substantial Single-Use Experience & GLOBAL REACH

Savillex staff has decades of experience designing, validating, and implementing single-use systems for critical bioprocess applications, including direct experience as end-users in the bioprocess industry. Extensive real-world experience enables Savillex to develop single-use solutions across a wide range of applications. In addition, Savillex offers a complete technical consulting service, from design through to implementation.

With local presence in North America and a network of trusted partners worldwide, Savillex has manufacturing and supply capabilities to meet the most challenging requirements. US-based manufacturing, direct supply infrastructure, plus US and EU based distributors ensure that products are delivered on time and to exact specifications. On-site audit visits are welcomed.

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