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HELIX Biomixer

Versatile Mixing System Designed for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Other Life Science Applications

The HELIX Oscillating Biomixer® from Lifecycle Biotechnologies is a highly versatile mixing system ideally suited for use in a variety of Life Sciences applications. Designed as a single-use closed system, it is the perfect addition to the Savillex product offering of specialty material handling solutions and circumvents problems associated with traditional vessels.

Dynamic radial fins are molded directly into the HELIX unit itself, creating a unique mixing or blending pattern that moves material upward when rotated in one direction and downward when oppositely rotated. This oscillating action is fully programmable which allows the user to impart the exact amount of shear required - without the need for mixing blades or magnets.


Any mixing profile can be applied (depending on raw material characteristics) when used with the programmable HELIX Turn Table - making it ideal for use by process development and manufacturing teams in pre-clinical, clinical, and scale-up manufacturing settings. Buffer and media preparation, formulation, and fill-finish are just a few of the many applications that the HELIX Oscillating Biomixer and Turn Table can deliver for your organization.

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