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DST-1000 Return on Investment

DST-1000 Return on Investment

Savillex DST-1000 Return on Investment Calculator
Enter your values in the gray boxes below to calculate the time taken for a DST-1000 to repay its purchase price and to see the savings your lab will make in the first three years.

Hit the TAB key after each number entry to see the calculation.
Price you pay for commercial high purity (10ppt) grade acid (per liter) $
Liters of high purity acid you use per month
Price you pay for trace metal (1ppb) grade acid (per liter) $
Purchase price of DST-1000 $4,722
Monthly Acid Savings
Months it will take DST-1000 to pay for itself
Net savings over first 3 years (including paying for DST-1000)

Depending on the usage rate of high purity acid in your lab, a DST-1000 can pay for itself in months or even weeks. Use this calculator to estimate the payback time for your specific situation. The US list price of the DST-1000 is already entered. Simply enter the price you pay for high purity (10ppt) grade acid (per liter) and the price you pay for trace metal (1ppb) grade acid per liter. Then enter the liters of high purity acid you use per month to give the DST-1000 payback time in months. The bottom line also shows how much money you save on high purity acid in the first three years of operation of the DST-1000, after it has been paid for. The saving can be very considerable – even for mid-sized labs. Purifying your own HF further increases the savings since it is very expensive in high purity grade: a lab using three liters of high purity HF per month can save over $80K in three years with a DST-1000.

Due to the high cost of high purity acid, labs use it very carefully – normally only for making up standards and sample dilutions for ICP-MS. With the DST-1000, a continuous supply of high purity acid is available at a price very close to trace metal grade. Now you can use high purity acid for sample digestions, which will reduce errors due to high sample prep blanks and improve your ICP-MS data quality. With a readily available, cheap source of high purity acid, it can even be used for cleaning containers and ICP-MS sample introduction components.

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