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Acid Purification

With more labs using ICP-MS to perform trace metals analysis, the use of high purity (10ppt) grade acid (to meet ICP-MS reagent quality requirements) has increased dramatically. At the same time, lab consumables costs are coming under ever stricter control. As a result, more and more labs are producing their own 10ppt grade acids by purifying much lower cost trace metal (1ppb) grade acids. The easiest and most cost-effective way to do this is with the Savillex DST-1000 acid purification system.

Extremely easy to use, the DST-1000 is an integrated, compact system that fits in any fume hood and requires no cooling water. The DST-1000 operates unattended, producing 500mL of high purity acid (HNO3, HCl or HF) or water in approx. 12 hours, and pays for itself in months or even weeks. The DST-1000 comprises of an all PFA chamber with integrated heater, and a 1L Purillex PFA collection bottle with membrane vent to prevent airborne contamination. And unlike commercially available bottled high purity acid, which degrades each time the bottle is opened, the DST-1000 provides a continuous supply of freshly produced high purity acid, suitable for the most demanding applications such as semiconductor and geochemical. Labs around the world that have switched to the DST-1000 save $1000’s each year by eliminating high purity acid purchases – and many have multiple units. The DST-1000 has proven itself to be the most effective way to save consumables costs and improve ICP-MS data quality.

The DST-1000 Acid Purification System comes complete with controller, 1L Purillex PFA collection bottle and bottle stand.

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